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Dementia is incurable but to some extent preventable. With Keep-Up, help your loved ones prevent and reduce the risk of dementia by using our platform and playing our exclusively designed games. Try it now for free!

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The KeepUp platform embraces brain exercises via VR/AR-based serious games, diet programs, as well as physical practices tailored to the needs of the users. The progress reports for the user, the caregiver, and the doctor give a clear view of improvements or alarms regarding the user's condition. Furthermore, we harness the power of AI and affordable sensors to improve their independence and well-being. Our platform revolutionizes elderly care with the help of home cameras to analyze people's overall health and behavior with computer vision.

All KeepUp advanced features, such as fall detection, sleep monitoring, and personalized health analysis, are done merely in your home without compromising people's privacy. Tailored for dementia care, we observe behavioral changes, address delays in activities, and provide customized baseline settings. The platform is designed to enhance social activity and improve the quality of life. You can do an assessment and start using the platform for free.

Test Yourself

See if your brain is in good shape regarding dementia. You will need to answer a few questions. It won't get much of your time.

Dementia Care, Redefined

Address cognitive changes with precision. Our platform identifies delays, coordinates activities, and ensures a personalized approach.

Brain exercise and stimulation

You can start your brain exercise and stimulation right away after the test for free.

Progress reports

You will have your progress or decline reports. Also if you need them more in depth there are reports available for your caretaker or your doctor.

Guardian in Your Home

Embrace peace of mind with our fall detection, sleep monitoring, and health analysis. Your loved one's safety is our priority.

Stay Ahead, Stay Vigilant

Proactive care with our platform's no-movement alerts and behavior change detection. Detect issues early and take control.

KeepUp - Preventing and reducing the risk of Dementia. | Product Hunt
Don't fight it, Prevent!
Dementia is preventable and its symptoms can be alleviated.
If you are over 50 and either you or your friend and family have seen symptoms of you having dementia you should give a visit to your medical practitioner. (here are the symptoms)
But if you are worried or stressed for the future, you are in the right place. With KeepUp you will receive all you need, from tests to determine if you even need to be worried, to brain activity stimulation with serious games solely designed for this purpose, to tailored diets, exercises and other activities to postpone dementia and even improve your daily life


Who should use KeepUp?
If you are over 50 and either you or your friend and family have seen symptoms of you having dementia you should give a visit to your medical practitioner. (here are the symptoms)But if you are worried or stressed for the future, you are in the right place.
How long should I use KeepUp to see results?
It really depends on your current satus, age and background but it is proved that the more you stimulate your brain, have healthy diet and do regular exercises you be able to postpone dementia. So, as long as you don't see any signs of dementia you are on the right track.
Which device KeepUp supports?
To get the best experience it is recommended to be used on a tablet, but  you can also use it on desktop, a laptop or a smartphone.
What is the report I recieve in KeepUp?
The report includes your scores and the changes through time. It also includes the amount of exercise you have done and the diet that you have had. This report also includes personal suggestions for you and it could be shared easily with your doctor, caregiver and family members. 
How to use KeepUp?
 Easily download the app and get started. There is an intro video that would guide you around.
KeepUp Team

We are a team of young professionals whom like many others in the past years have come across a common health problem with no cure ...

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Dementia Facts

Based on the latest reports currently one out of each person above 65 has some type of dementia.

Being concerned - There are many factors affecting the disease in its progress. Family history, brain activity, physical exercise, stress levels, and food habits are among them.

Most people think that you should forget what you wanted to say or do as the main symptom of dementia? But is that true?

For the time being unfortunately no. But there have been a lot of studies lately that show dementia can be prolonged or postponed with and without medicine.


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